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Who is Coldwell Banker Advantage?

Posted by John Cook on August 02, 2016 in No Category

At Coldwell Banker Advantage our main goal is to make all of our customers happy. Lake Gaston's Pamela Hale took some time to show you who our company actually is. We hope you enjoy!

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Home Warranty Service Agreement vs. home insurance: What’s the difference? A home is arguably the biggest and most significant purchase an individual or family will make in a lifetime. With a significant purchase comes a substantial list of questions, and one of the most common inquiries builders and real estate professionals will receive is: “What is the difference between my homeowner’s insurance policy and a Home Warranty Service Agreement?” What a home insurance policy will protect While homeowner policies vary... read more
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What is NC State like?

Posted by Laurie Donofrio on July 09, 2015 in  Area Info
NC State campus, what a place. Take a sneak peak at NC State University and what it has to offer. From the Classic architecture to the advanced Modern architecture, NCSU has the atmosphere you are looking for. The Hunt library was declared the coolest library in the world by Complex Magazine, for everything from it’s modern lines to it’s storage of 2 million books that the robot, BookBot can retrieve for you. North Carolina State campus is better known for it’s iconic Memorial Bell Tower and of co... read more
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Voice Search and the changes to our lifestyle

Posted by Bryan Selser on November 05, 2018 in No Category
By the year 2020 voice searches will take up 50% of all searches. Voice search is used to find out about deals and promotions, activities and event informations, business information, and more. With voice search you are not only able to search for basic information, but you are also able to get directions, call or text someone, set an alarm, play music, schedule a reminder and even check your favorite sports teams score. To find out more facts about voice search and the future of it check out this article: Why Voic... read more
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The Basics of Buying Investment Properties

Posted by Bryan Selser on June 26, 2017 in  Money
The Basics of Buying Investment Properties By Kenneth D. Rosen RISMEDIA, Monday, June 26, 2017— Editor's Note: This was originally published on RISMedia's blog, Housecall.  Everyone wants a magic and immediate path to wealth. The bad news? The path doesn't exist. Wealth is attainable through more conventional means. If you come to understand the real estate industry and if you deepen your own firsthand experience as you buy and sell investment properties, you'll be on the road to success. &... read more
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