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5 Food Safety Tips when Barbecuing

Posted by John Cook on July 01, 2016 in No Category
‘Tis the season for eating out—doors, that is! If you’re hosting a backyard soirée this summer, make food safety a priority when planning the meal. Seasonal temperatures can accelerate the growth of foodborne bacteria, compromising the safety of you and your guests, cautions the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “From picnics to cookouts, eating outside is a fun and tasty way to enjoy the warmer weather,” says Torey Armul, a registered dietitian and nutritionist and sp... read more
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Destination Dix will be hosted on July 23rd from 10am-7pm at Dorothea Dix Park (Umstead Dr., Raleigh, NC 27603) in celebration of 1 year of Raleigh buying the park from the state of North Carolina. There will be live music, a beer garden, food trucks, kids games, picnic tables in the shade to escape the warm weather, and more! Because there will be no parking at the park grounds there is a free shuttle from Centennial Campus and downtown Raleigh. More information can be found here: read more
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Carrboro Farmers Market

Posted by John Cook on June 30, 2016 in No Category
The Farmers’ Market of Carrboro has been going strong since 1996. You can come experience a local favorite Wednesdays 3-6pm and Saturday 7am-Noon. One of the unique features this market has to offer is that all of the products must be local. The farthest away the produce can be grown is just 50 miles, with an average of only 25 miles. This market gives the customers and farmers a mutual feeling of merriment because of the local environment surrounding them. read more
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Downtown Raleigh

Posted by John Cook on June 30, 2016 in  Area Info
Downtown Raleigh provides attractions everybody loves which consists of: over 150 restaurants and bars, shopping, concerts, art museums, and even food truck festivals. With all of these amenities given, the welcoming environment is a great place to get out and explore what we have to offer in the state capital. This month there are plenty of events going on. Every Tuesday year-round at the Raleigh Times Bar there is beer and banjo music played from 7:30-10:30pm. Enjoy a cold drink and some great music. http:/... read more
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Hurricane Safety

Posted by John Cook on June 30, 2016 in  Home Safety
Hurricane season is upon residents in coastal areas around the country, but there are months to go before season’s end. There’s still time to prepare! Your short list should include the following tasks: 1. Assemble an emergency kit. Set aside provisions of non-perishable food and water, a battery-powered radio, a first-aid kit, a flashlight (with extra batteries), hand tools and a whistle. 2. Gas up. Fill up your tank, provided it is still safe to travel ahead of the storm. 3. Set a plan f... read more
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