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Will the KonMarie Method of Decluttering Work For You?

Every year decluttering is one of the top Resolutions people make for themselves. Marie Kondo has helped many successfull do it.
Posted: January 23, 2019 by Bryan Selser

Every year decluttering is one of the top resolutions people make for themselves. This year, every event I have been to, the topic has been about Marie Kondo, her show, her book and KonMarie folding techniques. 

Since I've successfully not watched TV since January 1, I decided to check out YouTube to see what everyone is talking about. I can see why all the stories I have heard have been success stories. 

I always get stopped in my decluttering process with the emotional attachment I have to the items that are overwhelming my home and my senses. The KonMarie method focuses on the emotions we have on the items and allows us to release them because of this focus. 
The first video I watched was about decluttering Katie Couric's closet. I think that is where I will start. Where will you start? 

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